Hot Water Cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders

A1 Plumbing are the leading hot water experts in Christchurch. We have decades of experience in replacing hot water cylinders and upgrading them to more modern systems to give you more pressure and more efficiency. If your cylinder has started to leak recently its more than likely to do with the chlorine that has been added to the Christchurch water supply. We are committed to giving Christchurch residents A1 top quality service at a great price to get things up and running again.

When you call us out to quote, we give the cylinder a good look over, checking for pipe leaks both underneath and above and we also inspect the element as sometimes these can start to leak making it look like the cylinder is faulty when really it’s not. If we discover that the cylinder needs to be replaced we have a range of suppliers we use to make sure that we can supply you a new one in the shortest amount of time.

Draining A Hot Water Cylinder

We can replace your cylinder like for like, make sure the seismic restraints are up to the current building code standards and check existing wiring. Or you might want to take the opportunity for a complete overhaul, by changing to Mains Pressure, putting new Cylinder outside where it cant cause any further damage in the future, or even changing to a Heat Pump Cylinder or Instantaneous Gas.

Call A1 Plumbing today on 0800 A1PLUMB and we will get you sorted.